desde 1982
desde 1982
I.E.S. AZUER "Non scholae sed vitae discimus" (Séneca)
I.E.S. AZUER"Non scholae sed vitae discimus"(Séneca)  

Here are the  winning stories of 4th ESO. Read them if you dare ...

INSANITY? by Alicia Caparrós.

Panic. This is all I could feel at that precise moment. I was sitting in the corner of the room with my legs between my arms, my eyes firmly closed and repeating out loud once and again: “It’s not real; I know it’s not real.” At a certain point, after what seemed an eternity, a high pitched sound crossed the room and I opened my eyes, looking for its sourceTo my relief, there was nothing there but a pile of unfinished work on a very messy desk and leftovers from the day before, as always.

Those episodes were getting longer and more frequent and I felt the urge to know what was it that haunted me day and night, but every time I gathered the courage to confront the creature that tortured my sleep it just puffed into the nothingness. I thought I was going crazy. 

It was past midnight, the night sky was ebony black and a grey mist covered the pale moon. The atmosphere felt like the night before a thundering storm. I dived into my bed, the place that felt the safest to me, and tried to fall sleep but all my brain could think of was the monster in my head.

I recalled a guttural voice groaning, approaching me every second, and a strong smell, like wet soil mixed with gasoline. Just the thought of it sent shivers down my spine. I remembered that one time when was able to slightlyopen my eyes, in a split second, recognized a blurry humanoid figure hiding in the shadows, facing towards me. With that dreadful memory I fell asleep. 

I woke up late the next morning feeling numb, remembering last night’s events as if they had been engraved right in the core of my brain. A heavy headache appeared at the top of my head as soon as I stood up to get some waterBefore I could reach it I felt sick and clumsily raced towards the bathroom.  My whole body was so weak that it could have had fallen to pieces in that very place. I called in sick to work and went back to bed. The rest of the morning I texted my friends in an attempt to keep my mind busy. One of my closest friends, Dorothy, offered to come over to my place and watch a movie together and even though I was not in the mood I accepted hoping it would make me feel better.

I tidied the apartment the best I could with the short energy I had. Hours later, Dorothy rang my door bell and entered the flatheading straight to the couch where she dropped a bunch of DVDs. She looked at me and asked me how I was feeling and told me all about the day at the office. “It was a chaos without you, everyone was walking around looking for things they couldn’t find, complaining and arguing.” she described. “I hope you’ll get back soon.” With that being said she started listing the films she brought by title in alphabetical order. We chose a comedy and watched it from the couch.

We were one hour into the movie, when Dorothy fell asleep, probably tired from work, and I chose not to wake her up. Shortly after, the screen started to look a bit darker and the lights dimmed almost unnoticeably. The film was glitching when it suddenly failed and the screen went blue, filling the room with a cold somber atmosphereThe audioof the film kept going but it was kind of distorted. Terrified, I looked over to Dorothy, who slept calmly and peacefully. I tried to wake her up but she would not respond. My heartbeat rose and I knew what was coming. 

A characteristic smell filled the place and I instinctively thought of hiding. My mind was spinning and rambling on about a lot of unanswered questions“Am I insane? Why does Dorothy stay unbothered? Is this all my imagination?”

I was hiding under the table waiting for it to be over, when I glanced across the room for a second and there it was: a 7 feet tall figure that had just come out of the TV screen. It was looking around slowly, looking for me. I turned my back and went to hide somewhere else. I sat behind the couch, my knees trembling like leaves.

This situation didn’t seem to come to an end, so without giving it a second thought I got up and faced the monster with my eyes closed. I heard steps coming towards my position and then a strong deep breath right in my face. A tear rolled down my cheek out of pure fear and the next thing I know is that my feet were levitating off the ground and I feel a tight grip around my waist. The creature was holding me in its harsh hands. I thought my end was near, that the monster would rip me into pieces and eat me or throw me away. I had nothing to lose so I opened my eyes and saw the creature right before my eyes, its mouth wide open, showing four rows of sharp teeth and a slimy substance coming out of it. I saw its three eyes, the eyelids of two of them were sewed together and the other eye, placed on its forehead was red like the blood coming out of the wounds of the other eyes. I felt weak and passed out. 

I am now opening my eyes slowly and I hear voice yelling at me, “Hey! What the hell? Wake up! If this is a joke, it’s not funny!” Dorothy is holding me in her arms, seemingly worried and when I realize what’s happening, I hug her and burst out crying loudly. I had faced the monster and I knew it would never come again.


THE CONCERT by Isabel Trujillo

I don’t have enough time. So I should write as fast as I can. They will find me. I can’t escape. I will just wait for them and prepare myself to that moment. All my body hurts, I can’t even write. My hands are trembling and warm tears of blood are falling from my right eye. I have found paper sheets and my old black pen in my jacket’s pocket to write this horrible story. I have lost my smartphone, I can’t call anyone. I don’t think anyone can save me right now. 

Everything started two months ago, when my friend Lizsuggested going to a concert. She had won two tickets thanks to a Twitter thing. One of those things you click on them and there is ninety per cent probability of letting a virus enter your phone. An awful trick that destroys everything...

Well, “Don’t Stop Me Now” rang on the phone. I jumped to catch it. Seconds later I heard Liz’s sweet voice. 

“You won’t believe what has happened to me!” she shouted jumping with joy.

“Tell me! Have you learned how to drive?” 

“Not at all. We are going to a concert!”

“What are you talking about?” I asked. The conversation started to catch my attention.

“Yes, I’ve won two tickets. The concert is in… I don’t know where it is, I should look for information.” she said while she began to search for information

“Yes, you should.” I told her waiting anxious. 

“Here it is. I will read to you.” she told me very thrilled. “The most amazing concert of the century. Only the winners of the tickets could come to the secret place where it will be given. The winners will be announced on the 10th of October at 10:10 a.m. They will receive a text message with the place and time of the concert.” 

When she finished reading the advertisement I felt very excited about the idea of going to a mysterious concert without any information, although there was a part of me who smelled a rat. 

“Are you in?” Liz asked me nervously. 

“Of course I’m in.” I answered. “I will always be in if it means being with you, I thought. 

“Great! I’ll text you when I receive the text message.” she told me saying goodbye.

Two months later, Liz sent me a text message with the place where we would meet to go together to the venue of the concert. ‘Tomorrow 8:00 p.m. bus station. The concert starts at midnight, but we should go there before.’ I answered with a simple ‘Ok, great!’

The next day, I went to the high-school as usually. But it was a special day; I spent all the morning thinking about the concert, even though I had a Biology exam in which I had to force myself to concentrate and stay calm. After high-school I decided to read a book to distract my mind, but I was so nervous that I couldn’t even read a chapter. At last, it was six o’clock in the afternoon. I took a shower, I got dressed with my favourite jacket and my coolest trousers, I took the underground to the bus station and I waited for Liz listening to my favourite music playlist with my earphones. Finally, she arrived just in time, at 8:00 p.m. She was beautiful that day, so beautiful. 

We took the bus to Garden District. There, we looked for 13, Mary Street. It was an old abandoned factory, in the middle of nowhere. It sent shivers down my spine. I should confess a part of me wanted to go away from there, but my adventurous and stupid part decided to stay

We saw a lot of young people going into the big factory. And when we realized, we were inside it too. It was dark and crowded, more than 3000 people. We couldn’t even breathe. The sweat was smelled in the air. All of us were nervous. 

Suddenly, one red light turned on and the entire factorywas covered with a bloody fog. A fierce guitar was played. The crowd screamed and clapped their hands. The show was beginning. 

“Welcome, young boys and girls!” shouted one voice from the dark. 

“You are lucky to be here!” said another voice from the opposite side of the factory. 

“As winners of the tickets, you will be part of the show, the most important one.” introduced the first voice.

People were amazed with the show.  The music started and we laughed and danced and shouted. All was perfect, the people, the music, being with Liz. But perfect things do not exist. 

All at once the extremely huge door closed, making the most awful and loud noise I’ve ever heard. People wondered what was happening. And the horror started...

A strange noise sounded loudly. The instruments of the band became weapons. Spikes felt down from the high roof. Screams hurt my ears. Terror ruled everything. An avalanche of dead and hurt bodies felt down to the floor and the ones who tried to escape couldn’t because a circle of fire began to burn outside the factory.

“THE SHOW MUST GO ON!” shouted one of the murderers’ voices while he continued shooting with the gun. I can hear perfectly the hate on those words that sounds in my head.

It seems that it’s been lots of months, and I’m safe and sound, but the truce is that all of this happened this week, more precisely, today.

I am hidden in one of the inner corridors of the factory. I have lost my right eye because of the spikes. I have lost Liz also. Maybe she is safe, I don’t know. But I have lost her. 

hope someone will find this text and tell my parents I love them. 

And Liz, if you can read this one day, I love you too.


I have found this text in the old factory. I think it talksabout ‘The Concert Massacre’ which happened in 2013, 15 years ago in this city. I have decided to publish it because maybe someone knows the family of this person. Please, write to me if you know something about it. I have the original text, written by Susan Goode.


                   FAMILY ISSUES by Marta Gijón.


A noise suddenly woke me up. There wasn’t any light in the room and the atmosphere was damp. And I just realised I didn’t know where I was. That wasn’t my bedroom.

The last thing I remembered was being in my bed, too stressed for sleeping. I had been so worried because of my older brother, who had been arrested by the police. He had hit another man in a bar fight the night before. He should have thought better what he was doing because the two of us were living on our own in a flat in the London centre. If he was sent to prison, I would have to leave our home, I was only seventeen and he was my legal guardian. We hadn’t spoken with our parents for 6 years, they were alcoholic and really aggressive, so we took advantage that Nick, my brother, was and adult and left home.Unfortunately, I have never got to forget them, as my appearance is really similar to my father’s. I was tall, thin and strong, with long brown hair and green eyes.

But that wasn’t so important at that moment. I was in a strange place and I didn’t remember how I arrived there. I stood up and started to touch the walls, trying to find the lights. After some minutes, I finally found them and turned them on.

I was in a small dirty room. The furniture was antique and was disorganized. There weren’t any windows, but there were two doors. I tried to open one of them, but it was closed, so I tried to open the other. It was the toilet entrance. I went in to know what was inside and I turned pale… There was a man inside the bath! I got closer carefully and tried to know who that male was. It seemed he was asleep, he was tall and strong, with brown curly hair… and, wait a minute, was that person my brother? I couldn’t believe it. What were we doing here?

I called him and he woke up. He seemed to be really confused and tired. Just like me, he didn’t know where we were. He looked at me and asked:

-Susan, where are we? How have I arrived here?

-I also woke up a few minutes ago. I am disoriented too. I don’t know this place and I don’t remember how I came here. You were supposed to be in the police station, so… what is happening?

The main door was suddenly opened and a man came in. He was wearing a dark mask, so I wasn’t able to see his face. He was also wearing gloves. His height was remarkable, since he could be 2 metres tall.

-I bet you know each other, but I’m not really sure if you remember me

So many questions were coming to my mind at that moment. Who was that man? I was pretty sure I knew him, but I couldn’t realise why he was so familiar to me. Despite having so many questions, I only asked:

-What do you want?

He didn’t answer. He seemed to be really nervous because he was moving from one side to another. His angry face suddenly turned to my brother. I was really scared. What was he going to do?

He got close to my brother so quickly that we couldn’t think about what was happening. He rose his hand over my brother’s head and hit him. Nick fell down and that man started to kick him. It gave me the impression that terrible situation was never going to end. I just panicked, which led to shouts and crying.

These caught our kidnapper’s attention. His eyes looked at me tenderly, something which I was not able to understand. I observed their colour and turned pale. They were like mine. I immediately understood what was happening, I didn’t know how I could not have recognised him.

-Dad? - I asked softly.

He came next to me and hugged me. I was so shocked I was not able to move. It was obvious my father’ brain had been damaged and ruined by alcohol.

-You aren’t conscious of how much I have missed you, just because your brother decided to take you far away from us… I will never be able to forgive him.

-You weren’t good enough for us… you couldn’t take care of us properly. Haven’t you realised all of this has been caused by alcohol? It is what has spoiled your life, not Nick.

My brother took advantage of that moment of distraction and hit my father, who fainted. We looked into each other eyes, trying to understand what had just happened. That didn’t seem to be real.

We went out of that room through the door which had been opened by my father. We closed it and looked for an exit door. As our mobiles were supposed to have been seized by our kidnapper, we couldn’t call the police at that moment, we would do it later. 

After some minutes, we found the exit door. We were really excited, we were going leave that strange place and forget that experience! We tried to open the door, but it was locked. I felt something was going bad and heard a noise behind us, it was my mother…


15 th AUGUST by Marina del Pino


Hey, it’s Noora.

If you are reading this, it is because you have found the letter I wrote three years ago explaining what happened on 15th August, specifically on 15th August of 2000. 


If you don’t really like scary tales, just leave this paper where you found it and act as if nothing has happened; but if you do, keep reading until you finish (just if you dare).


Well, first of all I’ll introduce a little bit myself. My name is Noora and I was born on 2nd March 1981 in Oslo, yes, I’m Norwegian; but when I was 8, I moved to Zagreb with my mum and my little brother, Jonas. 

At the beginning things were really difficult, because I didn’t know anyone and I felt alone, but then I met my best friend Sana, from Morocco. We spent almost all the afternoons together talking and having fun.


One of those afternoons, I was with Sana at home watching TV. We were watching our favourite TV showand eating some pop corns. One hour later my mum told us that she was going to do some errands and she wouldn’tcome back until night, so she left us there without knowing the worst was yet to happen.


Sana and I continued watching TV and Jonas reading his favourite book in his bedroom. Everything was OK until we heard a noise in the corridor. However we didn’t care because we thought it was just the wind, so I stood up to close the window when I saw a black shadow. When I looked at the place where I saw it, suddenly the corridor’s door closed. I knew that wasn’t a coincidence andsomething was happening, so I called Sana to guess what was going on.


I was scared, I have always been so easily scared. Meanwhile Sana was laughing and scaring me. We looked around the house to see if there was something wrong and we didn’t see anything, so we came back to the living room and continued watching the TV show.

Like 30 minutes later, Jonas began to shout saying strange things and I told him to shut up because we couldn´t hear the programme; but he didn’t so I went to his bedroom to tell him to speak lower. But when I entered the bedroom he was sitting on the floor and then he turned and I saw his face was pale, his eyes injected in blood and his clothes covered with blood stains. I began to shout and Jonas stood up and ran to me with a psychopath face. I was paralysed. He was shouting things that didn’t make sense and 5 seconds later I realised what was happening and I began to scream asking for help. I couldn’t escape, so I had to hit him in the face. When I did, I stood up and run away calling Sana. She didn’t answered. I called her nearly 6 times when I saw her lying on the ground surrounded by blood. I began to cry and shout. My friend was dead. How I was supposed to explain what hadhappened? How was I going to explain her family that I found her dead in my living room?


I think I fainted because I don’t remember what happened after finding her dead. But I know that when I woke up I was in the living room. Everything was dark.

Suddenly I heard someone laughing, I was really scared, I didn’t know what was going to happen to me and if Jonas was ok. Then I felt like someone was getting closer to me and I tried to move but I couldn’t, I was tied to the table

This horrible creature began to scratch my face, while it was whispering things that I didn’t understand. It scratched me so hard, that I have a scar in my right cheek.

I was begging her to stop, but she didn’t. It seems that she wanted to see me suffering. I didn’t know how to stop her, and the more I moved, the harder she scratched me.


After some minutes, she stopped. My face was bleeding. I just couldn’t stop crying. Then the light turned on and I saw Sana was there, she was hanged and next to her was Jonas. I couldn’t believe it, Jonas was also dead. How had they arrived there? And why? Why was all this happening to me? Why did she kill them and not me? These are some questions that are still unsolved.

Next to Jonas there was a girl, she was staring at me. She had a really pale and thin skin and her hair was long and black. Her hands were covered with blood.

She was the shadow I saw at the corridor. She was the murderer of Sana and Jonas. And then she told me that this had just started and she disappeared.


After 15 minutes I managed to let loose and I immediately called my mum to tell her what had happened. I remember that when she saw Jonas and Sana hanged, she began to cry and she was crying during all the night.


Three years have passed since what happened and I still don’t know why she killed Sana and Jonas.

Please I need your help. This isn’t a joke, I swear. I’ll be waiting you every night at this point.











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